NAR Board Member Profiles

Rebecca Clark – Chair

picture of_rebeccaI have lived in the north most of my life and ever since I can remember we have been rescuing animals. There are so many animals out there that need help. Most dogs and cats that we come across are not spayed or neutered, reproducing offspring that are often neglected and left to starve and freeze. There are so many defenceless dogs, cats and other animals that are being subjected to this reign of terror every day and that is why we decided to start this group called Northern Animal Rescue Humane Society. La Ronge and area did not have any type of Humane Society or SPCA so we felt that we needed to develop one. We need to advocate for the animals in our community because the animals who we love so much and who ask so little of us need us to. The most powerful ally the animals of our communities have is its community members that care. I feel that if we work together we can do our best ensure that the mistreatment of animals comes to an end.

Genevieve Candelora – Vice chairperson


Hi, my name is Genevieve Candelora! I am vice-chairperson for Northern Animal Rescue in La Ronge. I am so proud to be a part of this initiative that is making leaps and bounds in our community! It says a lot about a community how they treat their most vulnerable members. One of my own dogs is a rescue and when I look at her I see hope for animals in our community. Hope for a better future and outlook for all animals and in the bigger picture our community as a whole. One of the many lessons we have learned is that animals are resilient and loyal, they never judge and they love you unconditionally. We have been inspired time and time again by our furry friends yet still have so much to learn so that we can live in a place that respects and regards all walks of life as equally important. I just always hope to be the person that my dog thinks I am 🙂



Joanne Dickson – Member at large

Maggie Scout

Hi, my name is Joanne Dickson! I am a member at large for Northern Animal Rescue and have been part of the group since it was officially founded as a non-profit in January of 2009. Both of my dogs are rescued and I have always been concerned about animal welfare. When I began to hear about the incredible work being done by my fellow board members, especially, their commitment to finding forever homes for stray animals and helping injured and abused cats and dogs, I had to get involved! Since forming the organization, I have been blown away by the community support at our various fundraising event and other initiatives. There are a ton of animal lovers here in La Ronge! I truly believe that in working to improve the quality of life for our furry friends that the lives of all community members will improve. We have so much to learn by observing the amazing qualities that animals possess; such as unconditional love, acceptance, loyalty and non-judgement. What could be more positive than trying to embrace these traits as human beings?

Colleen Clark – Member at large

colleens pic

Our family moved to La Ronge in 1985. I am mother to 3 children and now can boast of becoming a grandmother to my first grandson, Cohen. Our family has always had a pet or at times several and as a result to this exposure all my children are animal lovers.

I have memories of taking in strays ever since we moved to La Ronge, most of these animals we did find homes for and if we didn’t they moved in with us. As a result of collecting too many animals we decided to move to an acreage where our pets had freedom to roam. At present I have 4 cats and 4 dogs…and numerous rescue dogs.

Over the past five years with the support of my Daughter and Husband (Rebecca & Justin), our Rescue numbers have really multiplied. Now with the help of some very helpful Southern connections (Laura & Karen) and the assistance of Just It’s Pets and Happy Dog Acres as well as our newly formed NAR Board we were fortunate to move hundreds of rescue animals and find great homes for these neglected and often abused animals.

At present I sit on the board of Northern Animal Rescue and I look forward to working on educating the public as well as enforcing laws for proper dog control and responsible pet ownership.

Kate Bechthold – Treasurer

ProfileI am a new import to the La Ronge area; my fiancé and I have lived in the area for just over 2 years now. We have a labradoodle, a black lab, and a rescued cat. It was immediately apparent that NAR works tirelessly to provide services to a community in such desperate need. I started volunteering at spay/neuter clinics and transporting animals on behalf of NAR to other rescue groups and was able to learn first-hand what this group of dedicated women can do! My goal is to get Northern Animal Rescue to registered charity status.






Merry McGregor – Secretary


Hi, my name is Merry McGregor. I moved to La Ronge three years ago, and one of the first things I noticed when I arrived was the number of stray animals in and around the community. The second thing I noticed I have always been interested in animal (and human) welfare, and have a history of working in animal protection. So when I found out about NAR and the great work going on in this community I couldn’t help but become involved. I believe every animal deserves a safe home, with shelter, food and love. I believe pet owners should take responsibility for the care as well as spaying/neutering their pets, and that if they can’t do this alone the community has an obligation to become involved. I’m looking forward to working with the people of our community on animal control and animal welfare issues!