NAR is a volunteer based, non-profit (and soon to be charitable) organization. We don’t have employees, nor do we have a facility/shelter or pound.

NAR works on many different levels. We work towards community policy development (meeting with local governments to influence by-law/animal control policy changes).

We fundraise and use the funds to spay/neuter, medicate, treat animals, supports foster homes, and to save away funds for potential future capitol projects. NAR works hard to provide education on spaying and neutering pets, proper care for animals, etc. And of course we rescue animals and so much more.

NAR is a recognized and certified humane society. We are registered with the Department of Agriculture in the Province of Saskatchewan. This gives us legal permissions when it comes to animals. We also work with the Town of LaRonge, the Northern Village of Air Ronge and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band to re-home/adopt out the animals that comes to their facilities.

When NAR rescues an animal, we find a foster home placement for the animal, as we don’t have any facilities. We provide pet vaccinations, de-worming, and other such things to animals in our foster care system. Then we work to find the pet a new forever home. This takes time, money and resources! The most essential resource is a foster home! Many of our board members and volunteers get calls from members of the public about stray animals, and its really unfortunate that we can’t always help. When people phone we do ask if they can foster the animal, then we can help with food, supplies, meds, etc. And of course finding a forever home. We have two amazing foster homes by Saskatoon that take animals – but we need to transport the animals from LaRonge to those homes.

When you find a stray animal we encourage you to contact animal control to pick up the animal. It will get the cat/dog out of the cold – and gives NAR time to line up resources if they require assistance.

NAR is always looking for more foster homes, especially during the winter months. If you are able to help, please let us know. You can always say not right now, if you aren’t able to volunteer at that particular time.

Thanks to all our volunteers who continue to make this community a better place!